This is a barrel attachment for 5/8" barrel material (Caliburn/Talonclaw). The design is based on the rifle of a certain Bounty Hunter with a distinct T shaped visor. This version is strictly an aesthetic modification, meaning it is for looks and does not affect performance one way or the other in any noticible way.


This barrel is as dimensionally accurate to the one in the show as I could make it. Measures approximately 357mm (14inches) from tip of prons to base.


Requires 100mm of exposed barrel material.


Will include a barrel tip in orange (for safety) as well as a barrel tip in the same color as the base.


Assembly Instructions:

1. Affix the barrel tip to the end of the base.

2. Attach a Prong and screw it into place.

3. Snap screw cover into place (orientation shown in photos). May require a bit of Force (heh).

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for remaining Prong.

5. Insert barrel retention screws.

Disintegrator Barrel (Aesthetic Version)

Base Color
Prong Color
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