Custom Caliburn Request Form


Item is not intended for use by children under the age of 14.

The Caliburn is a Mag-Fed Pump-Action Homemade Blaster designed by Captain Slug. This is the full set of parts and hardware for a single blaster and will require only minimal assembly.

These are fully-functional blasters that have been assembled, tested, then packaged for shipping.

Please use this link to design your Blaster, and paste your saved design into the appropriate field on the form.


Talon Claw:



Because we do not stock the same colors as Captain Slug, please use the following colors in the configurator to correspond with your selections made on the form:


Primary: Black

Secondary: White

Tertiary: Red

*If upgrading to the DevilZ Magwell, please note that the Milan Coupler in the configurator will be the same color as the Lower portion of the magwell.

**If you want additional colors, please note there will be an increase in the estimated print time and will incur an additional cost per color.

***All Blasters will ship with an additional "Flash Hider" part printed in Orange to fulfill local law requirements in the US.

To see all the colors we have available, please visit the Filament Colors page linked in the menu. Currently we only offer printing in PLA.


An invoice will be sent within 24 - 48 hours after you complete the form. 

Overall Pricing Reference:

Talon Claw Homemade Blaster    $150.00
MEGA Caliburn Homemade Blaster    $165.00
RIVAL Caliburn Homemade Blaster    $165.00
ELITE Caliburn Homemade Blaster    $150.00

Shipping US Only - $20 - 35

International shipping (Case by case) - $TBD at time of invoice


Caliburn - Custom Magwell Text    $10.00

DevilZ Magwell Upgrade (Elite Caliburn Only)    $5.00

Caliburn - KnuckleDuster Handguard   $9.00

ELITE Caliburn - DOOM Shroud/Underlayment   $20.00

Pyrangle Thumbhole Foregrip   $10.00

Nerf Caliburn - Printed Lower Stock Spacer   $6.00

Nerf Caliburn - Grip Insert   $6.00

Nerf Caliburn - "Suppressor" SCAR Barrel   $15.00

Nerf Caliburn - RMAX2 Add-on   $15.00+

Nerf Caliburn - Thumbhole Stock   $9.00

Nerf Caliburn - Iron Sights   $5.00

Nerf Caliburn - Angled Foregrip   $10.00

Caliburn - Adjustable Stock   $15.00

Nerf Caliburn - VF1 Muzzle Brake   $8.00

Caliburn/Esper - "Gripstrike"   $8.00

Caliburn - "Railgasm" Segments   $10.00

Nerf Caliburn - Extra RMAX2 Rail Segment Add-ons   $4.00+

Ayy LMAOliburn - Vertical Foregrip   $15.00

Caliburn - 1-inch Rail Riser   $10.00


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